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hey this sounds like a pretty cool group....i know i dont have to fill out the app but i guess i should introduce myself either way

my names moe
i love punk
i love to play the guitar...snowboard...and party (what else is new)
im 20...female...looking for people to chat with bout music and to make new friends
favorite bands include: Good Charlotte, The Juliana Theory, Incubus, Sugar Cult, and my friends band
ummmm yeah im not sure what else is on the list but that should be a good amount of info....hit me up with the IM if you want to chat: laxmoe16

im a nice chick so get to know me :-)


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i'm so sorry.. but you just joined a dead community lol.

but there is one that maybe you could help "come alive" quotex_love ? if you llike quotes or anything like that

anyway.. i'm x_poisonxgirl_x or w.e. my account name was but now i'm this =]. anyway sorry about the dead community.

x - Emmy - x
hahah i feel thanks for letting me know though! ttyl
hi i'm Tiffany. u sound like a pretty kewl chick. if u wanna talk my sn is soccer1493. byez!