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7/20/05 05:40 pm - alishamoe - hey

hey this sounds like a pretty cool group....i know i dont have to fill out the app but i guess i should introduce myself either way

my names moe
i love punk
i love to play the guitar...snowboard...and party (what else is new)
im 20...female...looking for people to chat with bout music and to make new friends
favorite bands include: Good Charlotte, The Juliana Theory, Incubus, Sugar Cult, and my friends band
ummmm yeah im not sure what else is on the list but that should be a good amount of info....hit me up with the IM if you want to chat: laxmoe16

im a nice chick so get to know me :-)



3/12/05 07:08 pm - xlostnbrokenx3 - umm hey

hey emmy.. and everyone else don really kno wat to say but ok. umm... yea...


3/6/05 01:28 pm - x_poisonxgirl_x - MEMBERS NEEDED!

i felt like updating. this community needs more people so please promote!! :]

x- Emmy -x

3/3/05 11:03 pm - x_poisonxgirl_x

i have a question. can anyone or does anyone know anyone who cal make banners.. and layouts? :] this community needs work and someone to advertise it. thanx in advance

3/3/05 05:34 pm - timmyturnerfan - PROMO..

3/3/05 02:44 pm - timmyturnerfan


3/2/05 09:10 pm - x_poisonxgirl_x

YAY!! NEW MEMBERS!! so exiting! update people!! please :]

2/26/05 03:25 pm - xxindepepdentxx

Blink182 is Love

blink 182 is braking up

2/25/05 11:08 pm - x_poisonxgirl_x

eep! (sry i juss loveee that word) but its a MUSIC community.. i hope it takes. bcuz if it does ill actually bother working on it. ;] please join!! needs people here.
*begs* haha. ima dork!! :p. anyway... since its *all about the music* now, i thought id post some sexiii lyrics.



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2/25/05 10:43 pm - xxindepepdentxx

i am so hyper its like WOAH!
hehehehe he
hehehehe he
sorrie tommie if i scaredd you before
hehehehe he
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